Get Insurance Quote USAA (Even if You’re Not Sure!)

Thinking about getting insurance, or looking to switch providers? USAA offers a number of insurance choices, and getting a price is easy and free! Here’s a complete guide:

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Who is USAA for?

USAA is a special service company for military troops, soldiers, and their families, including:

  • Active duty service members: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
  • Veterans: Those who have honorably served in the past.
    Spouses: Married to an eligible member or veteran.
  • Dependent children: Unmarried children under the age of 23 (or 26 if studying full-time in school).
    Stepchildren: Of a qualified member or soldier.
    Parents: Of a qualified person on active duty or who died while on active duty.
  • Former spouses: In some cases, past partners of qualified members may keep status.

What types of protection does USAA offer?

USAA goes beyond just car and house insurance, giving a wide range of coverage choices to protect what means most:

  • Auto insurance: Get custom coverage for your car, considering things like your driving record, vehicle type, and miles.
  • Homeowners insurance: Protect your house and things from unexpected events like fire, theft, or weather damage.
  • Life insurance: Choose from term life (provides coverage for a specific time) or permanent life (provides coverage for your entire life) to protect your loved ones’ financial future.
  • Health insurance: USAA works with different companies to offer a range of health insurance plans that fit your needs and price.
  • Property insurance: Insure additional valuable possessions like boats, motorcycles, RVs, or even valuables like jewelry and collectibles.
  • Liability insurance: Protect yourself from financial responsibility if someone gets injured or their property is damaged due to your actions (not just related to vehicles).
  • Renters insurance: If you rent your living space, USAA offers renters insurance to protect your items and provide damage coverage.
  • Umbrella insurance: Provides an extra layer of security beyond the limits of your current plans, like car or renters insurance.

How to get a quote

Getting a price from USAA is easy and convenient:

  • Online: Visit the USAA website and navigate to the “Get a Quote” area for the exact type of insurance you’re interested in. Answer the questions honestly and correctly, as this will impact your price.
  • Phone: Call USAA at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) to speak with a qualified agent who can answer your questions and help you through the quote process.
  • Mobile app: Download the USAA app and access the quote process straight from your phone.

Even if you’re not sure if you qualify

Don’t hesitate to check if you’re qualified for USAA insurance, even if you’re unsure about your link to the military. Eligibility can spread to a wider group of people than you might think.

Additional perks of picking USAA:

Competitive rates: USAA is known for offering competitive rates on their insurance products, often thanks to their focus on serving the military community.

Excellent customer service: USAA consistently receives high marks for customer satisfaction, offering dedicated support and personalized service.

Military expertise: USAA knows the special needs and challenges faced by military members and veterans, giving tools and help tailored to their circumstances.

Remember: USAA is committed to helping the military people and their families. Getting a free price takes just a few minutes and could lead to major saves and peace of mind. So, don’t hesitate to explore your choices and see if USAA can be the right fit for your insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I get an insurance price from USAA without being a member?
No, USAA insurance quotes are specifically offered to their customers. USAA primarily helps current and former military members and their families.

2. How long does it take to receive an insurance price from USAA?
The process of getting an insurance price from USAA usually takes a few minutes. After giving the necessary information, the system will make a unique price for you.

3. Are USAA insurance prices accurate?
Yes, USAA tries to provide correct insurance quotes based on the information you provide. However, it is important to keep your facts up to date and provide correct information for the most precise price.

4. Can I customize my insurance benefits with USAA?
Yes, USAA gives different customization choices for their insurance coverage. You can choose different coverage types, fees, and limits to fit your individual wants.

5. Can I get a price for various types of insurance from USAA?
Yes, USAA gives prices for different types of insurance, including car, home, renters, and more. Simply select the type of insurance you are interested in and follow the price request process.

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